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Qt on MCUs {On-demand webinar}

May 23, 2018
Do you want to create wearables or other tiny embedded devices, or just to save money by downgrading to the smallest possible MCU you can find? Well, you better don’t miss this webinar! Our Senior Manager Risto Avila will also tell you about different options to reduce your applications' footprint in Qt via plugins, such as Qt Lite, the different Qt Platform Abstraction (QPA), and how you can be part of our pilot project and bring Qt to your MCUs. Our Software Engineer and Sales Engineer Mikhail Svetkin and Artem Sidyakin will show you how they managed to cram Qt applications into the smallest and least resource-intensive MCUs. They will explain how he ported Qt to Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems (RTEMS) in a live demo of his proof of concept, tell you about the plans for the future, and also go over different options you have in Qt now via plugins, such as Qt Lite, the different Qt Platform Abstraction (QPA), and more.
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