Qt 5.15 LTS: Built to Last

June 10, 2020 Salla Venäläinen


Qt 5.15 LTS will be the last momentous release before the great transition into Qt 6. We have gone through great lengths to make it the most future-proof platform there ever was. It includes the long-term support crucial for projects that rely on stability. In the even-longer term, 5.15 LTS is built for easy portability to any upcoming Qt 6 release. In this webinar, Lars Knoll and Tuukka Turunen, will give you an overview of the latest improvements in the following areas: 

  • Framework 
  • Porting 
  • Stability 
  • Long Term Support: Everything you need to know 
  • Qt Quick 3D 
  • Support for new graphics APIs – Vulkan, Metal, or Direct3D 11 
  • QML language improvements – same language for MCUs and MPUs Tools and other updates 
  • Design Studio 1.5 will support both 2D and 3D design 
  • Qt Creator 4.12 
  • Marketplace update 
  • Installers: Online and offline • Q&A
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