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Python and Qt: 3,000 hours of Developer Insight {on-demand webinar}

January 25, 2019
In this webinar, we have a special treat for all you Python enthusiasts. Michael Herrmann will help you on your journey to become a successful Python developer with Qt. He will talk about his own trials and tribulations through many a rabbit hole to finally finding out what worked for him with regards to - Picking technologies for a desktop app - Writing a GUI with Python and Qt - Deploying to multiple platforms - Automatic updates - Creating an application with a custom build system So make sure you tune in to profit from Michael’s extensive experience and ask him your questions. As always, if you can’t make it to the webinar on time, do sign up anyway and we will send you a copy of the recording and the presentation. Speakers: Michael Herrmann, Solopreneur Harald Kjølberg, Product Manager, The Qt Company

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