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Meet Qt 5.12 {On-demand webinar}

December 12, 2018
In this webinar, our CTO Lars Knoll and SVP of R&D Tuukka Turunen give you an overview of the new features in Qt 5.12 and a few of the fun new things we’re working on this year, including among others - Tableview! - New and fully supported input handlers - Fresh out of tech preview: Qt for Python and Qt Design Studio Lars and Tuukka will also talk about some massive performance improvements that come with this long-term supported (LTS) version of Qt and about what else we have in the pipeline. Try the latest Qt for free at www.qt.io/download/ Speakers: Lars Knoll, CTO at The Qt Company and Qt Chief Maintainer Tuukka Turunen, Senior Vice President R&D at The Qt Company
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