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Companion App Design with Qt {On-demand webinar}

Mobile-based companion applications are becoming ubiquitous, especially within IoT consumer product offerings. Thankfully, the design (and also development) process for these additional apps can be streamlined, creating only a negligible impact to costs and time to market, but a significant improvement to the overall UX. This webinar describes an efficient workflow, with tips and tricks, to design pixel-perfect companion apps, all-the-way from design to implementation with a walk-through of a design case of an automotive companion application UI.   During the session, we will aim to address typical challenges and solutions along the process such as:   - Design and implementation consistency  - Switching between different tools   - Optimizing repetitive tasks  - Communicating advanced layouts and interactions  - Re-using designs   - Interaction design with minimal code   - Concept creation, 2D/3D asset creation, visual style creation and optimization  About the Speakers: - Michal Jasinski – Siili Automation, Senior UI/UX Designer Almost 20 years of experience in graphic design, including over 5 years of experience in interface design and user experience. Many completed projections of mobile applications. Last two years he has been working on automotive projects, including projects based on MCU. He worked on AR HUD projects. He puts a lot of emphasis on User Experience. - Mateusz Skoczylas – Siili Automative, HMI UI/UX Designer Mateusz is a Designer with over 14 years of experience. His marketing background has taught him to combine user and business needs creatively. As an interaction designer, he is looking for Automotive HMI & Artificial Intelligence's functional business application, creating high-fidelity prototypes (interactive, connected to external APIs). Team-player always serving with a helping hand. - Tino Pyssysalo – Qt Company, Senior Product Manager  Tino Pyssysalo is working as a Senior Product Manager at The Qt Company. His responsibilities include developer tools and tooling user experience. He has been working in the SW business for more than 27 years, the last 11 years with Qt. He is holding a Lic Tech degree in computer science at the Helsinki University of Technology.