Stunning Wearable Design & MCU Development Trends {On-demand webinar}

September 16, 2020

Wearable technology are electronic devices that are most popular worn as accessories; however, other form factors include embedded in clothing, implanted in the user's body, or tattooed on the skin. The devices have practical uses, powered by microprocessors and enhanced with the ability to wirelessly send, receive and track data. The growth of mobile networks, high-speed data transfer, and microprocessors have enabled the development and rapid adoption of this technology. There are numerous industries including medical devices, health/fitness/wellness, industrial applications and others that are rapidly innovating in the market.

In the health/wellness/fitness space, individuals can monitor and take ownership of their own wellness and fitness by understanding their biometrics and activity levels in order to live the healthiest lifestyle they can. In medical devices, wearables play an important part in monitoring a patient in real time, at any moment in any place, in order to best diagnose and treat adverse conditions. Industrial applications and users mature rapidly, resulting in frequent hardware/software updates to meet higher performance, functionality, and corporate policies. 

We will show and tell best practices that allow cross-functional teams to rapidly ideate, prototype, iterate and bring to market relevant and differentiated wearable and fitness HMIs. 

What you will learn:

• Wearable and fitness trends

• Hardware trends in the market

• User interfaces in the wearable market

• Faster time-to-market and saving bill of material (BOM) costs using latest software in the market

• Technical tutorial from design to deployment on your wearable device

The webinar is aimed at people working in OEM Product innovation, -development and -management, OEM CX / UX design & OEM Business development and strategic product planning roles, and R&D managers. This webinar will also reference a leading research note based on a survey conducted on 9000 participants in the wearable market. 


Roger Mazzella, Sr Product Manager, Medical & Solutions, The Qt Company

Michele Rossi, Sr Product Manager, MCU Software Tools, The Qt Company

Amit Nainawat, Pre-Sales Engineer, The Qt Company

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