Looking towards CES 2019: Predictions and where to find Qt

December 17, 2018 teromarjamaki


Hello CES 2019!

One of the main events for automotive industry is less than a month away. Based on the early indicators, this year there will be more emphasis on creating a connected and intelligent vehicle than ever before. New connected experiences and multimodal inputs will be introduced by many companies showcasing at the event. In addition, I predict that we will see a wide range of new vehicle types, other than the standard four wheel vehicle, with displays.

This year The Qt Company and Qt based solutions can be found in multiple places in the event. You can meet The Qt Company with our demos in our private suite 2010 at the Westgate Hotel and at the Genivi event on Tuesday evening. In addition, we are very pleased to have been invited to join Luxoft’s booth, #3107 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, for meetings and quick demos. Together with our partners, we will present high performance visual implementations; integrations for virtual assistants; digital cockpits on different hardware and operating system configurations; and of course the tooling used for all of the solutions.

One thing is sure – our partners and customers will again surprise us with concepts built with Qt that the industry, including us, have not heard of or seen before. If you have a Qt based demo please let us know and remember to use “Built with Qt” icons and stickers!

See you in Las Vegas in January.


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