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Qt Wayland Building robust, multi process embedded systems {on-demand webinar}

Wayland is a protocol for communication between a compositor and its clients. It has great popularity on Embedded Linux systems due to its simplicity and first-class accelerated graphics support. The Qt Wayland module has two main components: a platform plugin enabling Qt application to run on Wayland compositors, and an API, both for C++ and QML, for rapid creation of customized compositor applications. In the presentation we will go through the offering both from the developers' and the designers' perspective, and look at some of the exciting possibilities brought by the next generation of the compositor APIs. You will: * Understand the difference between single and multi-process embedded systems * Go beyond the traditional desktop look and feel and design compositors with a fluid, modern UX suitable for touch-based systems * Catch up on the latest developments of the Qt Wayland Compositor API