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Qt for MCUs Deep Dive {Qt Virtual Tech Con 2020}

Qt for MCUs is a new offering where we combine Qt’s delightful declarative approach to user interface development with a new graphics engine and compiler, that’s specifically designed for a low memory footprint. In this presentation, we look at the engine and learn how it works. News on freeRTOs support, Qt Design Studio integration, and functional safety may also be presented. Speaker: Devinder Sodhi, Software Engineer, The Qt Company Qt Virtual Tech Con 2020 was held in May 2020. 35+ live tech talks, Q&As, and more were carried out by members of the international Qt community, in a free online event for designers, developers, and technology managers; focusing on interactive learning to create high performance UI/UX, applications with the Qt framework. More recordings of the talks can be found in the 'Resource Centre' at #QtVTC20 Visit Visit Check out the latest Qt for MCUs target devices: Supported boards from ST STM32F769I-DISCOVERY STM32F7508-DISCOVERY STM32H750B-DISCOVERY STM32L4R9I-DISCO STM32L4R9I-EVAL STM32F469I-DISCOVERY Supported boards from NXP NXP i.MX RT1050 EVK NXP i.MX RT1060 EVK NXP i.MX RT1064 NXP i.MX RT595 Supported boards from Renesas RH850 D1M1A