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Provide a higher level of code with Qt 3D Node Editor and Shader Generator

TALK: Qt 3D Node Editor and Shader Generator SPEAKER: Paul Lemire COMPANY: KDAB TRACK: Graphics & 3D Talk recorded at the Qt World Summit 2019 event in Berlin. #QtWS19 November 2019 - BCC TALK DESCRIPTION: More and more frameworks and tools are providing higher level of development through the use of Node Editors to generate code, behaviors or entire applications. Since Qt 5.12, Qt provides support for loading a tree of nodes and convert these to generate OpenGL GLSL shader codes for Qt 3D. This can be harnessed to create a single shader description that can then be translated into different languages. This talk will present that part of the framework, show how it is used and discuss possible ideas of how that could be extended to target completely different type of features in the future. Qt WEBSITE: For more info Qt, visit our site RESOURCES: For more videos from Qt visit our resource centre; FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL: FB: LI: TW: THE Qt COMPANY Design - Develop - Deploy