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Creating UIs for Gauges and MCUs, Live Forum {On-demand webinar}

The Qt Company hosted a Live Forum for developers, UI/UX designers, and users covering the following two topics: 

  • Development of digital gauges  
  • GUI design on microcontrollers 

See the latest advancements in Qt, coding examples, and hear the discussion on the latest happenings in the Qt community.

Developing digital gauges  

Gauges are everywhere! Round like the wheel, there is no need to reinvent either of them from scratch. Whether you are developing a display for a car, an industrial scale, a ventilator, or a home automation system, you are likely going to run into having to develop a gauge. Join Rebecca from The Qt Company to see some code examples of different types of gauges and learn how you can integrate warning indicators.   

GUI design on microcontrollers 

In an increasingly electrifying world, there are many industrial and consumer cases that require lower power consumption and a more user-centric design focus. Whether you are looking to develop smartphone-like user experiences on your existing hardware or downsizing to a lower-cost development board without compromising on performance, join this session and learn how to squeeze the juice out of your microcontrollers! Devinder and Corey from The Qt Company will discuss how to export design elements from PhotoShop, have them almost magically turn into code, and create user interfaces on in record time! 


- Rebecca Worledge, Senior Software Engineer, The Qt Company 

- Devinder Sodhi, Software Engineer, The Qt Company  

- Corey Pendleton, Field Application Engineer, The Qt Company