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Migrating to Qt 6: Everything you need to know! {on-demand webinar}


Qt 6.0 is the foundation we will build on to deliver the future's productivity platform for the next gen-UX with limitless scalability. Qt 6.0 was released just before the holidays, and Qt 6.1 & Qt 6.2 LTS are just around the corner, so it's time to start thinking about migrating. That's why we have set up a technical webinar to take you through everything you need to know and consider during the migration process. Kari Hautamäki, Principal Software Engineer at The Qt Company, will cover topics:

00:00 Introduction
00:51 Topics
01:25 Why Get Qt 6
03:01 An Easy Migration Path
05:15 Port to Qt 5.15
07:34 Module and Platform Roadmap
09:54 Add-On Modules
11:47 Vertical Segments
13:06 Platform Requirements
14:29 Build Systems
15:28 Tooling
16:46 Removed Functionality in Qt 6
18:21 Migrate Away From Removed Modules
21:32 The Qt5Compat Module
23:11 Impact of Module Changes on Migration
25:59 QtCore: Meta Type Changes
28:51 QtCore: Container Changes
32:26 Graphics in Qt 6
34:04 Impact of RHI on Migration
36:48 Convert GLSL Shader Code
37:42 Leverage Support from Tooling
38:23 OpenEmbedded And Yocto
39:16 Qt For Python
40:27 After Migration: Leverage New Features
42:17 Migration Help
43:14 Q & A