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Wearable Sensor Platforms using Qt in the Medical and Sports Fitness Industry, PulseOn

Qt World Summit 2015: Wearable sensor platforms using Qt in the medical and sports/fitness industry The session will delve into the trends and challenges in building the sensor platforms of tomorrow on the example and development experiences of creating a dedicated high-end optical heart rate and fitness level monitor (PulseOn). Qt was used extensively throughout the development cycle of this connected device, and the session will follow all the stages of the PulseOn product development and how Qt was used in them. The session will go into details on how Qt's traditional strengths (cross-platform availability, fast development cycles) were utilized in R&D and product development phases of connected devices in the sports and medical fields like in the case of the PulseOn device. The importance of the use of Qt-friendly analytics in product development will be discussed and how it was used to refine and adapt product development in large deployment scenarios. It will also highlight the technology risks and today's challenges from the aspect of working with devices with very limited resources available to them.

Finally, a demo of the PulseOn connected device will be shown, and how it was successfully integrated (using Qt) with different host systems, ranging from desktop computers (Linux) through mobile (Android) to embedded (Intel Edison board). Video by Qt Company and greenwoodworx,

Attila Csipa, PulseOn