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White Paper: Leveraging Human Factors Testing to Develop a Better MedTech Product

May 3, 2019

Usability and human factors testing are becoming requirements rather than “nice-to-haves” across a wide array of industries that make products we use every day in both our professional and personal lives. The pace at which technology is evolving is faster than ever and innovation is paramount to a company trying to differentiate itself from its competition and “the norm”. Social media platforms help drive the pace at which the newest innovations become known and accessible. The question that is often lost in this rush of technology is, is that innovative technology usable and scalable?

How to Create a Ventilator UI for MCUs overnight {On-demand webinar}
How to Create a Ventilator UI for MCUs overnight {On-demand webinar}

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, the creative technology studio Siili Auto together with The Qt Company ...

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Datasheet: Qt for Medical

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