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Bringing LG's webOS and Qt to Millions of SmartTVs, LG, Torsten Rahn

Qt World Summit 2015: Bringing LG's webOS and Qt to millions of smartTVs Starting with its introduction at CES 2014 the LG webOS has been shipped on millions of smartTVs. Qt has played an essential role in this success story: The system UI of LG webOS itself is written mostly using Qt Quick 2 and Qt technology. Follow us on our journey and learn more about how we used QML and WebKit to transform webOS into an appealing and modern looking smart TV OS with a focus on simplicity. Starting with the Palm Pre's innovative Multitasking Card UI we used Qt Quick to have programmers and UI designers work together on our parallelogram-based UI with its smooth animations. In order to have both native and web applications integrate nicely together we used Qt Wayland for our system UI. In addition to giving a general overview this presentation will also give a technical insight into some challenges that we faced and how we solved them nicely using the Qt framework.