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White paper: Qt Conquers the Automotive Interior

This white paper is about the development of today’s sophisticated digital car interiors and why Qt turns out to be the platform of choice. We’ll look at trends driving automotive user interfaces and see how Qt addresses them. We’ll delve into the special relationship between UX designers and software engineers to see how that interaction can be streamlined with Qt. And we’ll end by examining a couple of case studies where Qt in the car comes together.

Learn how to optimize your digital cockpits:

- The State of the In-Car Experience

- User experience expectations — 3D and larger screens

- Personalization , mobility, and integrating the home

- Autonomous driving an safety standards

- Electric vehicles (EV), Augmented reality (AR,) and virtual reality (VR)

- The "secret sauce" to building-to-spec or standardized platforms

- Commercial-off-the-shelf software and open source software

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