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Variable Fonts: Creating a better in-car experience for global consumers


Maximizing legibility without compromising visual identity is a considerable challenge for in-car user experience designers. Designing for screens in memory-constrained devices requires a degree of flexibility that was not available in the early days of typography. Variable font technology, the newest advancement in the OpenType font format, is poised to address these challenges, giving designers and developers more control over type, regardless of language or character set. Join us in this session to discover how variable fonts:

can be adjusted to deliver ideal legibility, ensuring consistent branding and a superior in-car user experience.
integrate into your UX to solve problems related to expanding typographic choice in a limited memory footprint.
remove the performance barrier to unlock immense potential for designers.

Speaker: Tom Rickner, Director of Studio, Monotype

Tom Rickner is a Creative Type Director with a career in type that spans more than three decades. During that time, he has mastered nearly every aspect of type design and font production, from his earliest days editing bitmaps, to designing some of the very first Multiple Master fonts for Adobe and TrueType GX Variations fonts for the Font Bureau and Apple.