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Automotive navigation with Mapbox GL and QtLocation, Mapbox

Mapbox is a mapping platform that makes it easy to integrate location into any mobile and online application. Our open source project Mapbox GL native is a library for embedding interactive, customizable vector maps into native applications on multiple platforms using accelerated graphics provided by OpenGL. Thanks to our cooperation with the Qt development team, we are pleased to bring Mapbox GL as a QML GeoService plugin in Qt 5.9 LTS release. For that we have integrated our code within QtLocation’s third party libraries, meaning that the Qt 5.9 SDK should provide all necessary dependencies for building and running beautiful maps on mobile and embedded systems. Together with QtLocation’s powerful API for easy integration of maps and directions, Mapbox GL goes an extra mile in terms of capabilities and features. You can use the default provided styles – or create your own – and apply runtime style changes as needed. Perspective view, live traffic information, satellite imagery and more. In this presentation, we’ll talk about the plugin development efforts, with focus on the supported platforms, and then proceed to demonstrate the new and exciting features provided.