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W H I T E PA P E R Porting a Qt Quick application to Qt for MCUs based on a Qt Quick unified architecture This white paper shares our experience of porting an existing Qt Quick application to a microcontroller (MCU) with Qt for MCUs. We chose to port our existing "HomeChef" application, which comes in a desktop, mobile, and embedded deployment. We used a unified architecture for the different deployments, which have different use cases and operating systems. All the deployments, including the MCU port, was done with one code base and one toolchain to serve one brand identity. We provide in-depth information about the overall process of shrinking a Qt Quick application down to 480kb with Qt for MCUs 1.0 and porting it to an STM 32F769. We explain how we could address the challenges in a surprisingly short timeframe while still achieving a performance typically associated with more powerful hardware. 白皮书 基于统一的 Qt Quick 架构 将 Qt Quick 应用移植到 Qt for MCUs 本白皮书分享了我们利用 Qt for MCUs 将现有的 Qt Quick 应用程序移植到微 控制器 (MCU) 的经验。 我们选择将 "HomeChef" 应用程序移植部署到桌面、移动和嵌入式系统中。 我们使用了统一的架构实现不同的部署,这些部署具有不同的应用场景和操 作系统。所有的部署,包括 MCU 移植,都基于相同的代码库和工具链,从 而打造统一的品牌体验。 我们将深入介绍使用 Qt for MCUs 1.0 将 Qt Quick 应用程序缩小到 480kb 并 将其移植到 STM 32F769 的整个过程。我们将解释如何在极短的时间内解决 这些挑战,同时仍然能达到极高的性能,这通常在更强大的硬件上才能实现。

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