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WHITEPAPER Best Practices for a Successful Development Project In this paper, Qt Professional Services engineering teams share some of the best practices they have found over the years and continue to work by. We hope these practices will help you make confident decisions from the very first stage of your development project, keep your organization agile and effective, and avoid spending more time and effort than you need to. Although many examples within this paper reference the Qt framework, these best practices are applicable to most software projects. 成功项目开发的 最佳实践 白皮书 在本篇白皮书中,Qt 专业服务团队分享了多年来积累的最佳实践。我们希望这些实践能够在 项目开发项目时助您做出正确决策,保持组织架构的灵活性和有效性,避免产生不必要的时 间和精力的损耗。尽管本白皮书中的许多示例都基于 Qt 框架,但这些最佳实践也适用于其 他软件项目。

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