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What’s New in Design Studio 1.5

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With the official release for Qt Design Studio 1.5 just around the corner let Thomas and Brook take you on a tour of all the new features the Design Studio team have been working on this year including:

  • Full 3D Support - Design Studio now fully supports Qt Quick 3D allowing you to import your 3d assets from your content creation tools and create UI’s with a mix of 2D and 3D, all using QML
  • Flow editor - Model your UI and UX flow in Design Studio - Generate interactive click though prototypes with easy to customize transition effects
  • Dock Widgets - Configure Design Studio for your needs - Multi display setups and custom layouts for the different use cases
  • Annotations - annotate your design ready for hand-off to developers.

Speaker: Brook Cronin, Senior UI / UX Designer, The Qt Company