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Success with Mobile First in a Real Business, caseIC-SYS Informationssysteme

This session will deal with ProfSys Mobile, a very comprehensive mobile first app that enables nurses to do their daily patient documentation work. In a life demo Roland will inter alia show the app’s huge offline capabilities, its mobile first driven interface, its awesome performance, and how comprehensive a feature set of a mobile app can be in these days. The session will be presented in form of a case study. Roland starts at a point where the todays users cry for more mobile apps, not just because they use their mobile phones in their private daily life, but because they also must manage their nursing documentation just in time by law. Proceeding with how the app’s user interface has evolved from observing the users’ daily business, Roland will then deal a bit deeper with the app’s offline capabilities, which are very important to the health care industry, since on one hand it would be very expensive to equip all nursing homes with overall Wi-Fi coverage, and on the other hand there are too much areas with bad cell network coverage in case of mobile nursing services. Additionally, and that is why Roland speaks at this Qt conference rather than elsewhere, there was the big challenge to decide for an appropriate mobile platform. In the present case, it was not possible to make this decision. The customers wanted to use all platforms, which lead to Qt, the nowadays greatest opportunity to develop multi-platform apps, since it reduces both, development costs and time to market, without giving up any performance or comfort. Overall the session will explain how a specific development approach can lead to a very comprehensive and sustainable mobile app for a real business that contributes to the company’s success.