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QtWS17 No Limits: HowTo make a more complicated mobile business APP, Ekkehard Gentz

There are many small example APPs available to help developing Qt APPs, but it’s not always easy to bring it all together to develop real life APPs. This session is based on Ekkes experiences developing a mobile business APP from scratch for a german System House providing solutions for Care Services (outpatient and inpatient). This APP is very complex and covers: * Caching all the data for Clients, Services, Tour lists, Missions * Update cached data in a very performant way. This is important, because employees every morning must always load all relevant data to be able to work offline * REST services to GET and POST data (JSON payload) * Outpatient care services must work online and offline. Ekke implemented a intelligent Server Queue managing Online state, Login state and mobile APP lifecycle (suspended or active) * APP must run on different mobile OS (Android, iOS, W10 mobile) and devices of different sizes (small or big smartphones, tablets from 7″ to 18″, big screens) * APP can run on devices bound to employees or to teams, Team members can easy login using Bluetooth LE Waiterlock with magnetic keys (more details on BT LE in Ekkes session “Bluetooth LE in mobile APPs: Tips and Tricks”) * Easy configuration of devices can be done with QR Codes HowTo make it all work together ? Ekke will outline the navigation structure and data model to give a first overview. QtCreator is used as IDE to manage all aspects of a mobile APP. He will show HowTo structure a project with many C++ classes, a huge number of QML files and many assets for different platforms. QtQuickControls2 enable you to make complicated business APPs for mobile easy without limits in a short timeframe. Ekke will demo the APP and explain how all is done. Ekke is using a data model based on QObject* cached as JSON files. Loader, Repeater, Components, QTimer are used to create a high performant dynamic APP. Customized QtQuickControls2 are used to provide a great UX. (Here more about this APP from Roland Wienen’s session “Success with mobile first in a real business cas” as part of the Business Track) You have built your mobile APPs with QtQuick or Widgets? You never tried QtQuickControls2 for mobile APPs? This session gives you the reason why you immediately should start with and procides many tips, tricks, recipes to make your first steps easier.