Using C++ Models in QML {tutorial}

October 25, 2017

This video tutorial walks you through the process of creating and using a C++ model in QML by creating a to-do list application. If you're new to Qt Quick and Qt Creator, consider watching the "Getting started with Qt: Hello Quick World" video first: The complete source code for the tutorial can be found here: The Git repository is organized into several branches: If you want to start following the tutorial from a certain point in the video, check out the relevant branch: 01:48 - chapter-1 04:10 - chapter-2 07:58 - chapter-3 13:06 - chapter-4 18:11 - chapter-5 21:14 - chapter-6 25:02 - chapter-7 30:44 - chapter-8 39:25 - chapter-9 45:38 - chapter-10 The source code for the finished application can be found in the chapter-11 branch. For more tutorials, head over to

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