Qt for WebAssembly {showcase}

Qt for WebAssembly lets you build Qt applications for web browsers. Code once, deploy everywhere - even on the web! What is WebAssembly? WebAssembly is a bytecode format intended to be executed in a web browser. This allows an application to be deployed to a device with a compliant web browser without going through any explicit installation steps. The application will be running inside a secure sandbox in the web browser, making it appropriate for applications that do not need full access to the device capabilities, but benefits from a swift and uncomplicated installation process. With Qt 5.11 we are releasing a technology preview of our Qt for WebAssembly port, allowing you to try out running Qt applications directly inside the browser window.

Like what you heard? Join Michael in a live Q&A on Qt WebAssembly at Qt Virtual Tech Summit (12-14 February, 2019)!

Read more about Qt for WebAssembly on our Tech Preview blog

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