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White paper: Forrester Study | The Total Economic Impact™ of Qt for Device Creation

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In the race to bring profitable innovation and product improvements to the mass markets for digital user interfaces, pressure grows to reduce costs and improve productivity. Which technology provides the right solutions and capabilities? How much will it really cost, and what will you get for your money? 

Forrester Consulting investigated both quantifiable and unquantifiable values from commercial customers and revealed that a company using Qt can:

  • save 30% development cost and 80% in hardware costs
  • streamline design and development workflows to boost focus
  • accelerate time-to-market with native performance on any device
  • future-proof themselves with a mature, standardized framework with a strong ecosystem

*The Total Economic Impact of Qt for Device Creation, a November 2018 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Qt.

Read the study and discover the cost savings and business benefits enabled by Qt for Device Creation. 

Liked it? Learn more about the Qt for Device Creation Total Economic Impact report, ROI calculator and webinar with Forrester.

Estimate your ROI This interactive tool based on Forrester financial model can show you Qt's return on investment, net present value and payback period for your projects.